Upcoming Events

Date Event
2010/12/1312/13/2010 A Champion Demo, Champion - Birmingham, Alabama
2010/12/1312/13/2010 A Public School Demo, Champion - Birmingham, Alabama
2011/07/1707/17/2011 A Champion Ministry Demo, A Champ Ministry Demo - Brimingham, Alabama
2014/01/2001/20/2014 Westborough Middle School, Westborough Middle School - South San Francisco, California
2014/01/2501/25/2014 Wynnbrook Christian School, Wynnbrook Christian School - Columbus, Georgia
2014/02/1802/18/2014 East Lawrence HS Baseball Booster, East Lawrence High School - Trinity, Alabama
2014/02/2102/21/2014 Otsego Christian Academy, Otsego Christian Academy - Otsego, Michigan
2014/03/2803/28/2014 Temple Christian School, Temple Christian School - Fort Worth, Texas
2014/03/3103/31/2014 Xenia Christian School, Dayton Christian School - Miamisburg, Ohio
2014/04/0104/01/2014 Dayton Christian Homeschool, Dayton Christian School - Miamisburg, Ohio
2014/04/0104/01/2014 Dayton Christian School, Dayton Christian School - Miamisburg, Ohio
2014/04/0404/04/2014 Victory Life Academy, Victory Life Academy - Durant, Oklahoma
2014/04/0404/04/2014 Tri-City Christian School, Tri-City Christian School - Independence, Missouri
2014/04/0704/07/2014 Ridgway Christian School, Ridgway Christian School - Pine Bluff, Arkansas
2014/04/0704/07/2014 Westwood Baptist Academy, Westwood Baptist Academy - Poplar Bluff, Missouri
2014/04/1004/10/2014 Shoals Christian School, Shoals Christian School - Florence, Alabama
2014/04/1104/11/2014 Stratford Classical Christian Academy, Stratford Classical Christian Academy - Stratford, New Jersey
2014/04/1204/12/2014 Calvary Christian Academy, Calvary Christian Academy - Fort Worth, Texas
2014/04/1504/15/2014 Mt. Pisgah Christian Academy, Mt. Pisgah Christian Academy - Oliver Springs, Tennessee
2014/04/2504/25/2014 Southland Christian School, Southland Christian School - Kissimmee, Florida
2014/04/2504/25/2014 Wesleyan Christian School, Wesleyan Christian School - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
2014/04/2604/26/2014 Atmore Christian School, Atmore Christian School - Atmore, Alabama
2014/04/2604/26/2014 Western Oklahoma Christian School, Western Oklahoma Christian School - Clinton, Oklahoma
2014/05/0305/03/2014 Impact Orphans, Impact Orphans - Lakewood, Colorado
2014/05/0505/05/2014 Highlands Community Members, Highlands Christian School - San Bruno, California
2014/05/0505/05/2014 Highlands Christian School, Highlands Christian Schools - San Bruno, California
2014/05/1005/10/2014 Central Christian School, Central Christian School - Robertsdale, Alabama
2014/05/1005/10/2014 Summit Christian Academy, Summit Christian Academy - Huntsville, Texas
2014/05/1505/15/2014 Bangla Ministries Worldwide, Bangla Ministries Worldwide - Grand Rapids, Michigan
2014/05/1605/16/2014 Beechpoint Christian Camp, Camp Beechpoint - Allegan, Michigan
2014/05/1605/16/2014 Darren Patterson Christian Academy, Darren Patterson Christian Academy - Buena Vista, Colorado
2014/05/1605/16/2014 Family Promise of North Idaho, Family Promise IHN - Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
2014/05/1705/17/2014 Bamalax Lacrosse, Bamaloax Lacrosse - Birmingham, Alabama
2014/05/1905/19/2014 Firelands Christian Academy, Firelands Christian Academy - Castalia, Ohio
2014/05/2205/22/2014 Holy Family Catholic School, Holy Family Catholic School - Grand Junction, Colorado
2014/06/0206/02/2014 Embrace Texas, Embrace Texas - McKinney, Texas
2014/06/2106/21/2014 Family Exchange, Family Exchange - Kaysville, Utah

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