Upcoming Events

Date Event
2010/12/1312/13/2010 A Champion Demo, Champion - Birmingham, Alabama
2010/12/1312/13/2010 A Public School Demo, Champion - Birmingham, Alabama
2011/07/1707/17/2011 A Champion Ministry Demo, A Champ Ministry Demo - Brimingham, Alabama
2014/09/2709/27/2014 Impact Orphans, Impact Orphans - Lakewood, Colorado
2014/10/0210/02/2014 Westminster Christian Academy, Westminster Christian Academy - Opelousas, Louisiana
2014/10/0910/09/2014 Kingdom EMC, Kingdom EMC - Westover, West Virginia
2014/10/1010/10/2014 Shoals Christian School, Shoals Christian School - Florence, Alabama
2014/10/2010/20/2014 Greenspoint Christian Academy, Southwyck Golf Club - Pearland, Texas
2014/11/0111/01/2014 Cornerstone Christian School - Wyoming, The Lander Community Foundation - Lander, Wyoming
2014/11/0511/05/2014 Grace Lutheran School, Grace Lutheran School - Winter Haven, Florida
2014/11/1411/14/2014 Cornerstone Christian School, Cornerstone Christian School - Columbiana, Alabama
2014/11/2011/20/2014 New Life Christian Academy, New Life Christian Academy - San Antonio, Texas
2014/11/2111/21/2014 New Covenant School, New Covenant School - Anderson, South Carolina
2014/12/0512/05/2014 Faith Christian Academy, Faith Christian Academy - Poughkeepsie, New York
2014/12/1012/10/2014 Concord Christian's Feed the Need, Concord Christian School - Wilmington, Delaware
2014/12/1012/10/2014 Spring Valley School, Spring Valley School - Birmingham, Alabama
2015/03/1303/13/2015 Southland Christian School, Southland Christian School - Kissimmee, Florida

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